Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

-Blood Flow Restriction Physical Therapy is a ground-breaking specialized strength training therapy used to expedite patients’ healing through stimulating the body’s own restorative power.

  • Blood Flow Restriction using B-Strong equipment is a revolutionary way to maximize the bodies potential for recovering from injury or for taking an exercise regime to a higher level in as little as 2-3 weeks.  

Blood Flow Restriction helps with the the following:

-Simple to use

-Safe for almost everyone


-High Value- Low Cost and High Benefits!

-Enhance any exercise program

-Enhance athletic performance

-Get stronger rapidly

Improve Muscle Mass

-Speed up any recovery from injury

-Anti Aging Medicine

-Improves Bone Mineral Density

-Up to 50% faster recovery from fractures

-Improves Cognition

-Avoid long term muscle atrophy after surgery

Upcoming Classes:

Saturday December 1 - Class for the Public

Saturday December 8- Class for Medical Professionals

-Call or Email for registration or more information.

Keith Glasser MSPT, Cert MDT, is a certified B Strong Instructor through: