Conditions We Treat

-If your condition is not specifically listed and it is related to a physical or neurological problem, please call 503-294-7463 so we can help you determine if Optimal Results is a appropriate choice for you. If we are not the right choice, we can usually guide you to a the appropriate practitioner or clinic.  contact us.

All types of Low Back Pain incluing:


-Sacroiliac pain


-Disc Injuries but not limited to herniations

-Motor Vehicle Accidents; recent or chronic

All types of Sports Injuries including Return to Sport Programs; Here is a partial list of some of the specific athletics we work with.



-Track- All Events






-Ultimate Frisbee






-Referees and Officials of Sporting Events

-Cyclists including Bike Fitting

-Gait and Running assessments









-Cross Country Skiers

Treatments Options we Utilize to Promote Recovery:


Strength and Resistance

-Resistance Training


-Blood Flow Resistance

Flexibility and Movement


-Tai Chi

-Dynamic Stretching

Running and walking

-Alter-G anti gravity treadmill

-Opti-Gait training






Integration training of the physical, cognitive (brain) and heart.


-Meditation ideas that promote healing


-Many others

-Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Manual Hands On Care- Large assortment of manual techniques specific to the individual:


-Cold laser

-Nutritional Ideas

Plus so many more that we fit to each individuals needs


All types of Neck and Upper Back Pain including:

-Motor Vehicle Accidents; recent or chronic

-TMD or TMJ- Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders


-Ergonomic Assessments


-All type of Arthritic and Osteoporotic Conditions

All type of Traumatic Injuries including:

-Motor Vehicle Accidents

-Cycling Accidents

All types of Workmen Comp Injuries

-All types of Knee Injuries

-All types of Shoulder Injuries

All types of Ankle and Foot Injuries including:

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Bunions and Hammer Toes

All types of Hip injuries

All types of Wrist and Elbow Injuries

-Carpal Tunnel


-Limited Flexibility such as Frozen Shoulders and many others

-Balance and Fall Prevention

-Balance and Stability and Postural Imbalances


-Pre Surgery is either before surgery or an option to avoid surgery

-Post Surgery

-Chronic Pain



-Strokes- Please call to discuss

-Multiple Sclerosis

-Our therapists have a deep understanding of most aspects of movement and sport. You can have trust in our professionals that we will prescribe the best treatment for your specific body, sport and injury.