Our main focus is working with you directly to provide you with the tools you need to recover and improve your health and performance over the long term.

The skilled physical therapists at Optimal Results Physical Therapy in Portland, Oregan specialize in active therapy programs, working with you directly to provide you with the tools you need to recover and improve your health and performance over the long term.

Our mission is straightforward. We want to be the best physical therapy practice in the Portland, Oregon communities we serve. We want to deliver optimal results and value and have them delivered by the most professional, caring and patient-focused staff.

The Optimal Results paradigm empowers patients with choices to actively optimize their physical health and potential.

Our solutions incorporate interventions design to resolve symptoms as well as provide fundamentals and principles of healthy living to promote healing and improved function.

We believe and prove daily that the vast majority of physical pain can be significantly reduced or completely resolved using this model.

Services often requested from our physical therapists include, but are not limited to:

-Pre and Post-Surgical Therapy

A number of scientific studies in recent years have supported the effectiveness of physical therapy both before and after surgery, especially in the full recovery of joint replacements.

Full recovery is made possible when you enter the surgery in the best possible shape and have the assistance of professional physical therapists following surgery.

Our goal is to help you return to active, pain-free living as quickly as possible and to build your strength and mobility to ensure that there are no lingering weaknesses from your surgery.

-Tendonitis and other repetitive strain injuries

Located where bones and muscles connect in our bodies, tendons are bands of fibrous tissue that are usually quite flexible. When they become injured or inflamed, however, their flexibility is compromised and pain results.

Pain in the tendons is most commonly linked by repetitive overuse either through a sporting activity or a workplace activity. It can also be impacted by arthritis or injury.

Physical therapy is an effective approach to the treatment of painful tendons. We will work with you to reduce pain and restore mobility as quickly as possible.

-Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis

The chronic pain of conditions such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia can lead to reduced participation in life and feelings of hopelessness.

We have worked to provide effective relief of chronic pain and help patients to be empowered to overcome a life of persistent pain.

Our physical therapy has also been found to be effective to assist many patients who are suffering pain from arthritis and cancer.

-Auto accidents

The staff at Optimal Results Physical Therapy will work hand-in-hand with your physician to help you recover from injuries incurred in motor vehicle accidents. We are practiced in working with insurance providers to ensure that best course of therapy for you is put in place to help you recover and return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

-Sports Medicine

We work with both recreational and professional athletes to help them recover from sports injuries and return to their game as quickly as possible.

With customized, sports-specific physical therapy treatments, our goal is to work with athletes to reduce pain and heal and then to prevent recurring injuries.

-Sport-specific rehabilitation

At Optimal Results Physical therapy we have designed specific rehabilitation for people involved in certain sports such as golf, cycling, running, and ultimate frisbee, among others.

These programs include sports-specific conditioning and specific exercise training and overall wellness program.

For example, our golf program focuses on the five key components of golf: flexibility, strength, relaxed focus, coordination and balance.

These sports programs will help you to optimize your professional’s training, learn tips to avoid injuries in your sport, and to increase your stamina. In the golf program, we will help you improve your distance.


-Back and Neck Pain

Our physical therapists are keenly aware how back and neck pain can impact your quality of life and ability to work effectively and play fully.

Physical therapy has been proven in scientific studies to be an effective course of action in the treatment of even the most severe back and neck pain.

We will work with you to find immediate relief from your pain and devise programs where we work with you to ensure the pain does not become chronic and that injuries do not recur.


Leg and lower back pain coupled with tingling and numbness is often referred to as sciatica, a symptom of an injury or condition that has caused the sciatic nerve to be irritated.

We will work with you to determine the cause of your pain and develop a customized program of treatment.

We may prescribe continuing exercise programs as well that you can continue on your own to ensure that the pain does not return.

-Upper and lower extremities pain

Whether you are suffering from pain in your arms and shoulders or legs and ankles, our customized physical therapy programs can provide relief and long-term healing.

By using modern modalities and evidence-based exercise programs, we will work with you to restore your range of motion and strengthen your limbs.

Our goal is to enhance your endurance and mobility both through our programs of treatment and by working with you to set in place home exercise programs as well.


Like back pain, headaches plague millions of people each year, seriously impacting your desire to participate fully in life and causing days of seemingly endless pain.

Headaches are generally categorized as tension-type, secondary-type as in resulting from some other underlying condition, migraine and cluster or cranial neuralgias or facial pain.

Almost every type of headache can be helped with physical therapy. Your physical therapist will work with you to determine the type and cause of your headache, and then to devise an appropriate treatment plan.

-Geriatric Rehabilitation

As we age, we often face a number of physical and emotional changes that can impact our ability to function well. Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on overcoming age-related conditions such as skeletal problems like osteoporosis, conditions involving joint replacement surgery and pain and reduced mobility that can accompany disuse and deconditioning.

Our goal as physical therapists is to help our senior patients be able to return to their normal quality of movement and flexibility.

We will also work on an educational component to assist patients in preventing falls and embracing a lifestyle that keeps them active and independent for as long as possible.

-Worker’s Compensation Injuries

The highly-trained staff at Optimal Results Physical Therapy will work closely with your physician and your insurance provider to help you recover from workplace injuries.

We can provide specific guidelines for work hardening programs as well as recommend gradual return to work strategies that will work for both you and your employer.