Patient Testimonials

"Before coming to Optimal Results I was very limited physically as a 24 year old. Since finishing the program in a few short months, I am now pain free in my back. It is liberating to feel this way again. I am able to do the best job I can as a Pre-k teacher. Thank you for all your help and motivation." -Kacey Kiste

"Having worked with several PT's, chiropractors, and acupuncturists in the past, I truly appreciate Keith Glasser's no-nonsense approach to physical therapy. Keith demonstrates a strong knowledge of understanding anatomy and his training approach is methodical and goal-oriented. Yes, you will have homework- and yes, he will keep you accountable. Keith provided me the tools I need to continue my path of healing. I'm pleased with my experience at Optimal Results Physical Therapy." -Gloria Bruning

“Huge improvement in no time. Keith is great to work with! You guys rock!" -Birgit Hayden

"My recovery is a long-term process, though I was only able to have four visits with Dr. Keith, my continued practice of the exercises he has recommended will help me gain strength throughout the next couple of months. So far I have been over-cautious with doing strength work when my hip is uncomfortable but Keith has helped me understand that working through the discomfort actually makes my hip feel better both on the short and long-term. My result is a greater understanding of deep strain muscular injuries and better gauge of when discomfort is not harmful. I appreciated Keith's whole-body incorporation, including posture, because bodies are extremely interconnected. I will keep getting better! Thank you!" -Natalie Mosman

"Thank you! Great results. For a first time experience, very pleased. Appreciated professionalism." -Anne Lenoue

"Three months ago I was miserable. My low back pain prevented me from working full time, sleeping well, and enjoying life. Things started to turn around immediately after my first visit with Keith. I diligently adhered to my home program (and will continue to do so!), and saw rapid improvement to my ability to work, my sleep patterns, and overall quality of life." -Alison Heppner

"Since starting PT with Keith, my back pain is gone. I have much more control over my body and I feel like I can manage and control the pain when it comes on. Having Scoliosis, I had been told that the pain is something that I would have to live with and with having injured my back this had increased the level and severity of pain. Keith has taught me how to manage the pain through exercise that are reasonable to do on a daily basis. Although I still experience pain from scoliosis it is a lot less frequent and I know what I can do to manage it. I am now back to normal with my regular fitness routine and up and dancing again." -Cherie Tanabe

"My visits at Optimal Results with Keith were educational and very productive at addressing my hip pain and range of movement. Thank you! My exercises will help me prevent worsening of the hip pain in the future as well." -Andrea Reust

"My back had been ruining my life, sometimes for weeks at-a-time. A few sessions with Keith, and I feel better than ever. And I know how to keep it that way. Thanks Keith and Optimal Results!" -Isaac King

"Keith really helped me target the main issue with my back/neck. He provided me with a range of exercises that worked for me that I not only enjoyed but really helped my recovery." -Sadie Thuet

"This has been a great experience. Keith has given me wonderful tools for increasing and maintaining optimal health. I heartily recommend Optimal Results Physical Therapy to everyone at every level of health and fitness." -David Taylor

"It was fun here. Keith was great! He made me 100 per cent better and made me become more fit! Thank you for everything!" -Jacob Doyle

"After my car accident, I lost my ability to do a lot of the physical activity I enjoyed most. My girlfriend referred me to Keith Glasser at Optimal Results and I couldn't be happier. I might even be stronger than before the accident. All in a few months. Thank you Keith, Sanatan and Laurie!" -Mark Adams

“Keith did a wonderful job listening to my concerns and addressing them with a well thought out plan that was fun, sustainable and effective!" -Brent Carpenter

"The experience was very helpful. Keith is very patient and knowledgeable. Treatment was very beneficial." -Ramona Roberts

"I am continually astounded at how quickly my knee has improved. The constant low-level pain is basically gone and I am returning to my previous activities. It's not 100 percent better yet but I am feeling confident that if I keep up with my program I will completely recover, and have an overall higher level of fitness than I did before my injury." Thank You! -Kelly O'Hara

"I retired in 2002 after 40 years of construction. My back did not know what to do when I worked on my property. It went into spasms and I could not do anything for days, I tried massage and chiropractic with some relief but not permanent. I was in a lot of pain when I started with Keith and I had to drive an hour and a half to get there. We started with small exercises and he showed me how to relieve the spasms. After about 10 visits I can now work as much as I want with little or no pain but I must exercise too." -William Pistilli

"I had headaches and neck issues, within 3-4 weeks my problems have been resolved by 80-90 percent. I am confident it will go away completely if I follow all the instructions and exercises which Keith asked me to do. I am really thankful to Optimal Results Physical Therapy for helping me out." -Aabha Barve

 “Keith Glasser was the first medical professional in years to correctly diagnose my problem and to set me up with a home program that works the correct body parts! I haven't felt this "normal" in almost 10 years. Thank you, Keith, for the Optimal Results and for a method to staying normal and healthy!" -Amy Schuff

"Exercises and stretches worked great to relieve my pain and get me back to normal. I will continue to use them!" -Rich Attridge

"Great experience. Very positive pushed me up to my limits but not beyond. Constructed a balanced program with minimum equipment that lets me complete my routine anywhere-even on the road. I am confident that I can control back problem." -Mike Andresen

"I'll be telling everyone to come to Optimal, my results have been great!" -Greg Bost

"Good progress on frozen shoulder following two months at another clinic.  I enjoyed the 'holistic' approach and patient interaction." -Steve Woodcock

"Thank you!  Keith worked with me and made sure I understood everything, and with a head injury, that can be a challenge sometimes.  But he took the time and effort to help me on the path to healing and wellness.  Amy is nothing short of a miracle worker. She kept my mind sharp, exercises simple enough, and most importantly, re-aligned my energy. -Thank you, Optimal Results!  Your work with me has made all the difference!" -Anthony Wehage

"Best PT experience I have ever had.  Finally my neck and back are no longer hurting and I have a great home program to keep me getting stronger. Thank you!" -Pam Andresen

"The experience at Optimal has been fantastic since day one.  The staff has always been friendly and welcoming, taking me on quickly when no one else would.  Keith, you've done a great job personalizing my program.  It's been refreshing to see you are open to a variety of methods, many of which I'm certain other therapists would never try. Things I love: One-on-one atmosphere, no big room with tons of other patients. Welcoming, inviting, at home feel. Hard working, within all aspects of Optimal ( not afraid to take me on even with my horrible insurance). No bad things to say!!" -Derek Gruetter

"I was in a lengthy treatment program with another provider and was not seeing progressive relief from daily pain. I sought a second opinion and was referred to Keith Glasser at Optimal Results Physical Therapy. During my first appointment I was put at ease with Keith's kind demeanor and his interest in wanting to know exactly what the trouble issues were with my body and how I was dealing with the daily pain. After a lengthy discussion of the issues he set out in developing a personalized home program. After just a couple of sessions I began to experience relief from some of the pain and as I continued with my home program and meeting with Keith I have felt increasingly better. Quality of life is a nice thing and what a huge blessing to be released from daily pain. I would not hesitate to refer any one to Keith at Optimal Results PT." -Patrick Ransport

"Throughout my career as a college volleyball player, I played and lived through pain and discomfort in my shoulder. After treatment with various physical therapists, I finally got to see Keith at ORPT after undergoing shoulder surgery. My recovery with Keith was by far the best physical therapy experience I have had. -Keith takes the time to find a treatment that best fits you. He teaches you how and why each treatment is performed and you get to see the results! My last PT treatment was five months ago and I remain pain free because of the great home program Keith put together for me. If I ever need PT again, I'm coming to see you!" -Shelley Sievers

"Physical therapy with ORPT has taught me so many things: I don't have to live with pain and I have the power to make it go away; movement is my friend; old habits can be altered and that treating my body and mind holistically will result in greater positive change. This process has been more than I ever imagined or expected from PT. I feel more hopeful and confident that I have the tools to sustain the changes I have made with Keith as well as to explore more. Thanks for the start on this journey. Bren is also the best." -Kathy Versteeg

“When I first came in, I was having trouble with my back doing normal household things such as laundry and lifting heavier things. It also affected my exercise because running and dancing made it worse. After therapy, now if I practice specific stretches and exercise regularly I don't have a problem. I just started running again and I do not have back pain." -Alexandra Pederson