Optimal Results Physical Therapist Search 

ORPT is looking for another professional PT to expand our team of high level therapists.. We are considered to be a top PT clinic due to our collaborative style, therapists, staff, location and state of the art equipment.

Please send your resume to keith@optimalresultspt.com with an introductory cover letter. Keith will respond to inquiries within 3 business days. If this is something you would like to seriously explore, we would love to meet with you.

We are looking for a therapist with many of the following skills.

  • Appreciative, fun, compassionate, collaborative, passionate, dedicated.

  • Self-starter with the willingness to build a business with support as an independent contractor.

  • Focus of care is exercise and movement.

  • McKenzie training ATC experience 2+ years experience as a Therapist.

  • Commitment to quality care.

  • Work as part of a team.

  • Personable and Dedicated

  • Long term vision of the Physical Therapy profession.

  • Looking for a stable, long term opportunity.